Tax Planning, Management and filing
Tax is a civic responsibility. As tax professionals, we provide comprehensive tax services to corporate and individual (local and expatriates) clients. We get our clients informed about developments in tax regulations and advise them accordingly. Our range of tax services include:
* Company Income Tax- We; review company's audited report for relevant tax matters, compute tax liability, liaise with the Federal Inland Revenue Service and obtain Tax Clearance Certificate.
* Personal Income Tax - This is carried out under Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme or for self-employed people. This service is rendered to both local and expatriate individuals. We take into consideration all relevant tax laws and treaties, where applicable.
We also defend tax liabilities emanating from tax (back duty) audit / investigation.
* Acceptance Certificate for Capital Expenditure (Fixed Assets ) - We process and obtain acceptance certificates in respect of incurred capital expenditure. This enable corporate taxpayer minimizes its tax liability for the relevant year of assessment.
* Withholding tax - This is advance tax payments by taxpayers. We follow-up these payments and obtain withholding tax receipts (credit notes) on behalf of our clients. This allows our clients avoid double tax payments and conserve their hard-earned income.
* Value Added Tax - We also undertake the responsibility of ensuring effective operation of Value Added Tax law. We register companies for VAT with the FIRS and create supporting atmosphere for effective rendering of monthly returns.

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