Accounting and Computerization Services

With the increasing sophistication of the present day's business activities and volume, companies cannot afford to be left behind, especially, if they must compete favorably and survive the increasing global competitions. Timely access to accurate and relevant financial information is key to business success more than ever before.

We support companies in their efforts to improve their financial recordings, reporting, and other operational areas. We deliver in the areas of;.

Accounting Services - We provide advice, supports and assistance to clients on wide range of accounting matters, including developing suitable accounting systems and controls. We also undertake the preparation and presentation of management accounts, management budgets, cash and profit forecasts, among others.

Computerization exercise- This provides a platform for companies to migrate from manual to computerized environment. As representatives to different software companies, we engage in installation of, and deliver training on, different packages, including: accounting software, School administration software, Hotel management Software, point of sales software, among others.

"We value profit-generating efforts of companies and work to support those organisations that are committed to making good returns to their owners."