Internal Audit-Support Services

A business that is healthy in all other respect can be very vulnerable to failing from the inside. The necessity for all-time need for safety of company's resources calls for strengthened internal audit functions.

The department is a catalyst to improved governance, risk management and controls. It is the only objective source of independent advice to the Board and management. The effectiveness of internal audit function is key to the success of any organization..

It is the realization of this fact that prompted the development of "internalAudit Support service" to compliment our client's efforts towards safeguarding its assets and ensure efficient running of its operation.

Through this platform, client has the opportunity to, partially or fully, outsource its internal audit functions to our resourceful and professional team: offering the needed enablement to achieve more effective monitoring, supervision and controlling at a much reduced overhead cost and stress. This also breaks the jinx and lapses associated with traditional all-in-house staff affairs..

"The firms are strategically positioned to handle various professional tasks to meet the needs of their esteemed clients"