Other Value Added Professional Services

Revenue Assurance - The economic uncertainty is taking its toll on businesses and individuals. Market competition is getting stiffer, with rising cost of operations and reducing profit margin. If preventing a rise in overhead expenses or fraud is tasking, how will a company justify its loss of (as good as earned) revenue, which requires no extra effort? -cheaply cutting short its turnover, cash inflow and profits.

Our "No income loss service", is a platform that supports management’s efforts toward ensuring that the company receives all of its income without any loss.

Revenue generation - We carry out revenue generation exercise for both government and private establishments

Our "revenue generation support service" is offered to boost clients’ revenue. This add more to their financial stability as well as raise their ability to effectively carry out their daily activities or statutory obligations.

Compilation of Assets register, coding and inscription – Fixed asset is one of the most important resources of any organization. They do not only support, but also, enhance income capability of their owners.

Towards ensuring their safety, we undertake comprehensive compilation of asset register, code inscription on various items of these assets.

Turnaround Management and Corporate Recovery- The firms engage in bringing back to life, ailing businesses. Businesses that are experiencing survival problem or have been closed down due to lack of adequate attention by the owner(s) or management problems, etc., are revived and made to operate profitably.

"Our partners have, at one time or the other in their professional careers, handled different services that cut across various sectors of the economy"