Computerization: Hospital and Medical practice


In line with the global trend and reality of time, business entities in Nigeria, are going computerised. This development cuts across all the sectors of the economy, including banking, education, health, among others.
* Computerisation increases efficiency, reduces operation costs and facilitates less stress in management. In addition to these, income is well captured and accounted for. Furthermore, debt collection platform and efforts are enhanced. It greatly facilitates better returns on investment.
* Double-Edge Management Resource supports medical /hospitals in computerising their operations across board using world-class hospital management software. The software allows you to computerize your tasks and link-up the activities of all your sections, including, consultation, Cashier, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Accounts, etc, together. With the software in place, you will have direct access to information about the activities of any section of your hospital, just at the press of key board from anywhere in the world and at any time.  
* In this 21st century, characterised by IT-driven business management, your hospital cannot afford to lag behind. It is time to migrate from old to modern style of operations. Join the trend and step down your operation costs, raise your practice management and increase your income.
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