New Government, New Nigeria, Better economy and business atmosphere


Nigeria has just transited into another government, courtesy of the recently conducted general elections. The transition brought into power a new president, President Muhammadu Buhari under the flagship of another political party, All Progressive Congress (APC). This, by necessity, ushered in new administration, full of technocrats, professionals and change-oriented hands.

The focus of the government is to bring an end to corruption, improve electricity power supply, road infrastructure, among others, - basic requirements for growth and development. These changes will impact positively on the economy and usher in a more rewarding investment engagements.

With Nigeria’s large market and abundant natural resources, local industries will spring back to life while new ones established. Foreign investments will also flow in; taking advantage of new conducive investment atmosphere and incentives. Nigeria is expected to be a home to international companies, especially those that desire a good place in Africa market.

No investor can afford to be left out in this new dispensation. We can explore the new opportunities with you and journey the success trip together.

It’s a new dawn in Nigeria. You are welcome to participate in the rejuvenated economic regime. We wait to hear from you..

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