Internal Audit: Break the jinx of tradition for better results


The activities of internal audit department go beyond fraud prevention and detection. The department is a catalyst for improving organization's governance, risk management and controls. Irrespective of the nature of operations, the department is key to the success of any company. An effective internal audit is the bedrock of growth and a pillar of support to the executives and Boards.
* No executive can effectively navigate the water of today’s revolutionized, highly competitive and very demanding business environment in the absence of balanced, reliable and supportive back office. However, how objective and independent those saddled with these responsibilities are, will determine the level of their effectiveness and contributions to the success of their organizations.
* Check this out! When the department is silent, the organization begins to experience declining performance and growth. Our “Internal audit support service” is the platform that affords companies the opportunity to incorporate independent and professional hand in the activities of their internal audits operation.
* The benefits of this operational structure to your organization are inexhaustible. It increases the effectiveness and capability of your internal audit unit. The platform affords you the opportunity to reduce your internal audit-related running cost by more than 20%. The presence of our team in the operation process will constrain or hinder unauthorized /dummy transaction from scaling through. The increased efficiency and cost-saving benefits will increase your company’s bottom-line (profit). This is to mention but a few,.
* Giving this era of fast evolving information technology, shrinking global market, intense market competition and increasing cost of operations, the need for a strengthened and more efficient internal audit unit cannot be over-emphasized.