Outsourcing, A smarter way for company to work


Outsourcing provides an opportunity for companies to work smarter and reduce cost. Though non-core business operations, how effective a company is able to take charge of, and manage, its;

1) Accounts payables and Receivables,

2) Bank reconciliation and

3) Payroll, will go a long way in determining the direction of its cash flow, working capital, operation costs, market competitiveness and by extension, the profit. While how to achieve effective management of these back-office functions has been of serious concern to many, some executives, however, under-rate their importance and therefore pay little or no attention to them. The activities or happenings in these accounting areas can make or mar the executives' efforts and by extension, company's progress

Our "Outsourcing Management Service" has continued to come to the rescue. The platform is a strategic management tool used by the executives to fortify the back-office activities, ease management stress and comfortably put themselves on top and in firm control of their operations.

Using our platform will influence your organisation in so many ways:

• The executives' ability to immediately identify and promptly resolve issues that could lead to misstatements / conflicts is positively impacted.

• The relationship with customers / vendors and their loyalty will improve.

• Facilitates more streamlined business processes, reduces stress in management and affords the management the opportunity to focus more on its core operations, grow profit and expand.

• Bank's overcharges (if any) will always be promptly spotted and reversed; timely preventing their negative impacts on working capital, costs and profit.


• Assurance of monthly payroll that is devoid of wrong figures, more especially, where overtime and other computations are involved,

• Assurance of prompt settlements by customers; leading to improved cash inflow, minimized bad debt losses and enabling credit sales to quickly turn to cash,

• Vendors' settlements will be devoid of overpayments or payments for not-received items,

• It will strengthen the practice of, and advance the gains from, "segregation of duties" and "complementary nature of work" principles (the central features of a good internal control system).

• Comes as a veritable tool to plug loopholes and reduce human errors and wilful malpractices

• A more strategic and professional way to reduce overhead expenses while attaining better management and performance.

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