Recover your leaked revenue


The use of credit facility to strengthen capital base, facilitate business expansion and enhance profit is universally encouraged and practiced in business world. However this financing method could impact negatively on business growth, if good care is not taken. Computation of COT and interest by banks, no doubt, are vulnerable to human, IT and deliberate errors, thereby resulting in overcharges and making customers pay more than necessary. This has various effects on operation and hinders growth; it erodes cash and working capital, increases overhead expenses, diminishes return on investment (ROI), among others. Hence, the need for customers to always pay dedicated attention to deducted charges by their banks..

Unfortunately, overcharges are rarely discovered by customers. They, more often than not, end up preparing bank reconciliation exercise. In view of the daunting, time-consuming and challenging nature of overcharges verification exercise, many customers have lost amounts running into millions of Naira to their banks.

Our “Overcharges recovery service” is a platform that affords you the opportunity to unravel bank overcharges and recover same back to your covert.

This is of great benefits to your company. It opens up the potential to improve your working capital, increase cash balance and improve profit position. The service will complement your accounts and audit departments’ efforts of ensuring that every kobo counts and is judiciously used for the growth of the business. It offers you the opportunity to reduce costs and make more efficient use of your resources as you don’t have to divert your human hour on what you can obtain free with faster and more assured results..

Experience and use of relevant Information Technology are some of those factors that have positioned us for prompt and all-time result oriented services.

While you concentrate on running your business, let’s use our time and skill finding where you have been short-changed by your bank. You surely have an alternative use for that leaked money. Let’s recover it for you now.