Foreign Investor: Protecting offshore investment and improving its yields


The success of any investment or venture is a function of the level of commitments and measures put in place by its owner. The downturn state of the economy calls for better business / project monitoring and supervision. This demand is even higher for an international company with investment (self-operated, joint venture, or any other) in Nigeria.
* Information is key - We appreciate the fact that timely, accurate and relevant information will not only prevent wrong but also safeguard ongoing investment and enhance its growth.
* Dedicated platform - To this end, we offer a dedicated service platform to foreign-based organisations, that are committed to safeguarding their investments in Nigeria (and environ) and to promoting their growth. The service is offered in line with your agreed terms of reference.
* The Benefits - These include:
    - Access to timely, reliable, regular, relevant and comprehensive  information about the financial activities, performance and position of your remote business.
     - It is cost-effective, with assurance of receiving prompt response to (urgent and critical) information-needs.
     - Use of competent, independent and professional third hand.
     - Enhanced, timely and better decision.
     - Invaluable supports to global growth and expansion
     - It is a safeguarding measure that will complement the efforts of your head office internal audit team and by extension, the organisation.
     - Promotion of regular and prompt payments of financial obligations.
     - Effective monitoring and supervision of your investment.
    - Effectively bridges the gap (distance) between you and your investment.
     - Promotes and encourages good financial stewards. Etc.
* Conclusion - We are very optimistic that this platform will go a long way in promoting the growth of your investment, project, joint venture or business in Nigeria and environ. We invite you to ride on this cost-saving, result-delivering and growth-promoting platform. The platform is dedicated and responds promptly with satisfactory results.
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