Recovery of Bank & Other Overcharges - Many customers get their accounts debited with more than what they suppose to pay in term of interest on borrowed facilities. Overcharges, usually, are due to IT, Human or deliberate error on the part of banks.

Unfortunately, these overcharges are rarely discovered by customers. They, more often than not, end up preparing bank reconciliation exercise. In view of the daunting, time-consuming and challenging nature of overcharges verification exercise, many customers have lost amounts running into several millions of naira in this regard.

The need to recover overcharges by customers cannot be over emphasized; it will bring back leaked revenue, increase profit position, raise bank and cash balances, increase working capital position, among others.

We offer free review of facility account (if any).  We verify overcharges in billings-related activities as well. Check the "Resources" section for more detail.

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