C&A Home is the first choice, of both local and foreign-based investors, when it comes to addressing business issues that are of great importance. Our services are diverse and are targeted at meeting client's need. 
Is your goal to:
♦ Fulfil statutory obligations?
♦ Strengthen internal capability?
♦ Enhance efficiency?
 Carry out independent review exercise, including Due diligence?
♦ Formulate and institute good internal controls and policies?
♦ Verify and uncover fraud?
♦ Outsource Accounting or other function?
♦ Computerise operation and use IT solutions such as ERP, BPM, CRM, DMS, etc?
♦  Carry out independent activity or transaction review? etc.
C&A Home is the place to contact. We,
 ♦ work and deliver to time and results.
 ♦ have competent, qualified, honest and tactful personnel 
 ♦ are focused, result-oriented and promptly respond to client.
 ♦ are committed to service excellence and add value to client's business.
C&A Home renders services accross all sectors of the economy and to small, medium, big and international organisations.