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  • "ForeignClient Service", is the service platform dedicated to foreign investors with remote operation / investment interest in or outsourcing interest to Nigeria. It affords the opportunity to ...more. 

    Foreign Investors

    "We are forward looking and partner with foreign firm with product, service or client's interest in Nigeria. Safety and growth of remote investments in joint venture, partnership, etc., is the focus"

  • "Services are offered to positively affect client's bottom line - Profit, as well as double its edge over competition"

    Not-for profit organisation

    "The firms attend to the needs of both local and international NGOs. We support their operations in ensuring that received income is judiciously used and financing objective achieved".

  • "The firms have in-depth knowledge of business operations in Nigeria and environ. Partners and staff are committed to delivering quality and timely services"


    "We give priority to excellent and timely service delivery. We are professional and truly independent in operation"

Audits and Assurance Services

The firm, Abikoye Olumide & Co. (Chartered Accountants)...

Internal Audit-Support Services

A business that is healthy in ever

Accounting Services

With the increasing sophistication of the present days business.

Other Professional Services

Revenue Assurance - The economic uncertainty is taking..

Meet us

    • We conduct Audit exercise in fulfilment of statutory requirements.
    • The Firms undertake special audit and other assignments in accordance with client's need(s).
    • We provide in-house support services that prevent client's business from failing. especially from the inside .
    • We have qualified, tested and experienced partners and personnel who have put in many years into the practice of the profession.
    • We are client-focussed and service oriented.


Members of one of the largest international professional associations of independently-owned accounting and advisory firms "The Leading Edge Alliance"

"In addition to the shared knowledge among members, our affiliation to a global body of professional firms, affords our clients the opportunity to internationalize their operations and increase their business coverage globally"